[Image: Cloud Computing by Rocío Lara. CC License.]

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. The cloud is a factor and a metaphor of the internet. Since the sixties, cloud computing has developed along a number of lines with Web 2.0 being the most recent evolution. was one of the first milestones in cloud computing history dropped in 1999 which it was a concept of an application in a simple website. The next development was Amazon Web Services that it was dropped in 2002 that it provided a cloud base service including storage, computation and even human intelligence through the Amazon Mechanical Turk. In 2006, Amazon launched its Elastic Compute cloud (EC2) as a commercial web service that allows small companies and individuals to rent computers on which to run their own computer applications. In 2009, another big milestone came to cloud computing and this was Google Apps, it started when Web 2.0 hit its stride and Google and others started to establish their terms as well. These are the top 10 most popular apps that are used for Cloud Computing: Microsoft Office 365,, Box, Google Apps, Concur, Amazon Web Services, Zendesk, Dropbox, LinkedIn and GoDaddy.

There’s many ways to describe the evolution of cloud computing, but the most briefly way to explain it, based on a IBM article about the subject, is with this list of things. First there’s Grid computing, which is solving a large problem with parallel computing. Then there’s Utility computing that offers computing resources as a metered service. After that comes SaaS, which is network-based subscriptions to applications. Finally, there’s Cloud computing, the theme we’re discussing, which means having anytime access to IT resources delivered dynamically as a service. You can find more information about this topic on twitter, thanks to some experts about the topic that decided to open an account. Some of those are @Dropbox, @Office, @Googledrive, @DavidLinthicum, @cloud_and_grid, @PaulOBrien, @bernardgolden, @CloudNativeFdn, @Cloudpro, and @IBMcloud.

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Warped Tour 2017!!!!!

After many months of waiting, its finally here!! The official lineup for Warped Tour 2017! This was literally announced a few hours ago in a livestream and people are loving and hating what was announced. Some people are living for this years lineup because its honestly freaking amazing (in my opinion). Other are hating it because there is not a lot of the music or bands they like, but oh well, not everyone is going to like it. rsz_warpedtour_2017logo_158.jpg[Image: Warped Tour’17 logo by Vans. CC License.]


6.25  DENVER, CO
7.01  TAMPA, FL
7.12  BOSTON, MA
7.26  ST. LOUIS, MO
7.28  DALLAS, TX

Attila (6/16 – 7/2, 7/6 – 8/6)
Bowling For Soup (6/27 – 7/2, 7/26, 7/27, 7/29, 7/30)
Futuristic (6/16 – 6/23, 6/25 – 8/6)
Hawthorne Heights
I Prevail
Jule Vera
New Years Day
Sammy Adams (6/16 – 7/28, 8/1 – 8/6)
Watsky (6/17 – 7/14, 7/16 – 7/18, 7/20, 7/21, 7/23 – 8/6)
Never Shout Never (6/27 – 7/7)

The Adolescents
The Alarm (7/7 – 7/16, 8/4 – 8/6)
Anti-Flag (6/27 – 7/24)
The Ataris (6/16 – 8/1)
Bad Cop/Bad Cop
The Dickies (6/16 – 6/22, 6/24, 6/25)
Doll Skin (6/16 – 6/25)
Fire From The Gods
Municipal Waste (6/16 – 7/2, 7/7 – 8/6)
Sick Of It All (6/21 – 8/6)
Strung Out (6/16 – 7/11, 8/4 – 8/6)
Suicide Machines (7/18 – 7/21)
T.S.O.L. (7/22 – 8/6)
Valient Thorr

Alestorm (6/21 – 8/6)
Bad Seed Rising (6/16 – 7/4)
Barb Wire Dolls
Big D And The Kids Table (7/6 –7/16)
Riverboat Gamblers (7/29, 7/30)
Sonic Boom Six
Stacked Like Pancakes (7/18 – 8/6)
Street Dogs (7/6 – 7/16)
Twilight Creeps (8/4 – 8/6)
War On Women
The White Noise
William Control

Bad Omens (7/4 – 7/24)
Boston Manor
Carousel Kings (6/15 – 7/5)
Courage My Love
The Dukes
Eternal Boy
The Fantastic Plastics (6/16 – 7/2)
Farewell Winters
The Gospel Youth
Knocked Loose
Naked Walrus (6/23, 6/24)
One Last Shot (7/7 – 7/10)
Playboy Manbaby (6/22, 8/6)
Sarah and The Safe Word
Separations (7/6 – 7/24)
Shattered Sun (7/26 – 8/6)
tiLLie (7/26 – 8/6)
Trophy Eyes

The Acacia Strain
Being As An Ocean
Candiria (6/21 – 8/6)
Fit For A King
Hatebreed (6/21 – 8/6)
Silent Planet
Stick To Your Guns (6/16 – 7/2, 7/6 – 8/6)

After The Burial
Sworn In
Too Close To Touch

American Authors (6/16 – 7/19, 7/21 – 8/6)
Andy Black
Beartooth (6/28 – 8/6)
Dance Gavin Dance
Goldfinger (6/16, 6/17, 8/4 – 8/6)
Hands Like Houses
Memphis May Fire
Neck Deep
Our Last Night
Save Ferris (6/22 – 8/1, 8/5)
Streetlight Manifesto (6/24)



Yes you read right, there is a new deluxe album coming out, now the question you maybe asking yourself is, by who? Well I’ll tell you who, the one and only Blink-182! If you’re a normal human being then you probably think this is cool but not that amazing, but if you’re like me, a total fangirl over bands and stuff, then you’re probably freaking out and super excited with the news because that means NEW MUSIC! Or you could be part of the people who do not even know who Blink-182 is, which if that is the case, get out of my blog! You ain’t worthy of my trashy and very unimportant content. Just joking, but still get off my blog and look them up, they are basically legends. But back to the real information, the deluxe version of their latest album California is up for pre-order and it is expected to be out on May 19th, 2017. This deluxe album will include 11 new songs plus an acoustic version of their first single of this album,  “Bored to Death”.  


[Image: California Deluxe Album Cover by SONiC. CC License.]

💻Internet’s Impact💻

The internet as we know it is one of the most used tools I the world. It does not only impact us in our work, but it also impacts us in other areas like the arts and the way we communicate. But this does not mean the internet changes us as human beings, that’s a lie. The internet just helps us do the things we love and need more simple, or at least that is what this article I read says. It also says that the internet can change our attitude and reduce our time and money for various reason not mentioned in the article.  This very useful tool has had a huge impact on how we see education. When I was a kid, all of my classes were in school, like in a real classroom. Now days, if people want to take their classes online they can and they do not have to step into a real life classroom, which is very impressive, especially for the older people who are not just to this kind of technology.

At the beginning I talked about how the internet has impact us not only in our work, but also in the arts, especially in areas like movies, journalism, and music.  Based on a study with 1,200 participants, it was shown that they all had websites, which they used to sell tickets for their projects, upload videos about those projects and also maintain a Facebook pages for more information sharing. This was a study based on movie companies and that kind of sort.

Another area that has seen changes is journalism. Just like the movies, most people write their articles on the internet. Let’s take for example this article, you are seeing this on a WordPress blog, which you have access to because of the internet. No, I am not calling myself a journalist, what I am saying is that just like me, there is people who write article (much better articles that on my blog) about different things on their blogs about different things, and you get to read them through the internet. This also happens with people who give the news on the internet, they are in some way journalist, not because it is not in the traditional way, it doesn’t mean they are not doing the same thing and sometimes (most of the time let’s be honest) even better than the traditional news.

Keeping the arts subject, the internet has impact the way we listen to music completely. We first started to listen to music on the radio, now days we listen to it on different apps like Spotify, Pandora, Youtube, and iTunes. This I feel is the biggest thing the internet has given us and that is amazing. Most people get discovered because they upload their covers to Youtube and people listen to it and boom there are famous because of the people seeing them sharing and liking one simple video. People get famous for basically for nothing too. Some people just upload videos of them doing very stupid stuff, which leads me to my next topic, the way we communicate now days.

This is also one thing, just like music, that has change is the way we communicate. At first, people used to talk over letters they send to each other, then phones came along and people talked on those, then cellphones, then it came the text messages and now we just talk through the internet. Who imagined 30 years ago that we were going to be able to talk to a person who is on the other side of the world face to face through a screen? Literally now one. I am sure that if you said that was going happen to someone at that time they would have thought that you were crazy, but that is not the case, because it happened, the future happened and we have to thank the internet for that because it has changed for the better.

The internet has not only impacted the arts, but it has also impact education as we know it. It may have not been as much of a big impact as it has been for the arts and communications, but it has been very noticeable. When I was in middle school everything was physical, what I mean with that is that we had books. But everything changed when I got to high school where everything was digital. It was great because I did not have to carry those heavy books everyday all day. But at the same time in my case, it made me study a bit less, because it was just a bit more boring for some reason, I am more old fashion I guess, but I prefer physical books. But most of the people I know liked that much more than having book all the time. When I got to college, EVERYTHING was through the internet. You can even take classes online which is fascinating for me because that means you do the work at your time whenever you want. Because of things like this I believe the internet is great.

The internet has impacted so many aspects of our life and we do not even realize it most of the time. It became way more than a place to look for information, it became a very important and very useful places for our daily lives. Yes, the internet tends to have its dark sides, which I decided not to mention till now because I prefer talking about the positive aspect of what the internet really is. But the reality is that everything good has its bad. The bad impact on the internet is the people who use it for things other than what it is for. Some people do things such as cyberbullying, which is a big problem that should really be resolved. Others get so obsess with the idea of being someone they are not, they become miserable and do not know how to get back to who they really are.

The internet is amazing, and we should be able to enjoy it the way it is meant for. The many positive impacts that it has done are only going to grow with time because that is what technology is, it only goes forward, never back. As I mentioned earlier, the internet has impacted our daily lives whether we like it or not, so we will just have to live with it and learn how to appreciate it. We need to try and use it the right way and for the right reasons, if we do that we will notice all of those good things it does. And one thing I learned is that if you have a talent, use the internet because it is posible you will have success if you show it on this huge platform of what the internet is.


[Image: The internet by Velocity Broadband. CC License]

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Google Drive

The last class on March 7, 2017 we discussed a number of things from calendar changes to how to use Google Drive docs. The professor also explain our two new homework. The first is a mini monograph of five pages, this is the second part of our last homework where we looked for references about the impact of the internet. The second homework is a completely new one. On this job we will work in groups of two or three people so if you missed last class, be sure to find someone to work with and your topic. Now lets talk about what we did in class.


[Image: Google Drive by Google. CC License]

  • First we talked about the changes in the calendar, and how this class will still end on May 2, 2017! Which honestly for me it is the most important thing in this calendar.
  • Then we talked about google drive and how this works for saving different documents, folders of importance, pictures, and many other things. If you want to access google drive you can just use the link
  • After talking about what google drive was, we started talking about google drive docs. Which we also used during class.
  • As I mentioned before, we did a little practice on how to use google drive docs, and in that practice we did a collaborative work, which was actually very fun cause everyone in the class were recommending very interesting pages. (Btw the subject that we talked about in this document was “sharing social media”).
  • When we finished the practice it was time for us to choose our groups and themes for the work, so again if you missed this class BE SURE YOU FIND A GROUP AND A TOPIC. 

And now a little video explaining the process of what we did in class. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Youtube Tv!


[Image: Youtube logo by Youtube. CC License]

In this past week, Youtube announced they will be offering a new service called “Youtube Tv”. This new feature will be showing some live tv, meaning they will now be competing with networks like Direct tv Now. This will also offer a cloud feature where you can watch whatever you want whenever you want. The prices will star at 35$ per month. This is going to include series from Youtube Red, and depending on what you are watching, they will give you video options related to the show you just watched. This will give the chance to smaller Youtubers to get their content to have more views.

For more information about this and other stories watch this video made by the youtuber Philip DeFranco: